This series represents seven years of work, with the original concept coming to life in late 2005. Since then it has evolved from a short film made up of news segments to the eight episodes of this first season.

Every frame of every scene was created using just one computer, thanks to Moviestorm, the software used to animate the story.

Most of the objects, things like computer consoles, walls, the ships and so much more were custom designed for this by myself. As someone who grew up watching scifi movies, being able to do all that has been something of a childhood dream and given me some insight into how all those movies were made.

Of course, all that doesn’t come to much without the talented group of voice actors that gave their time to the project. The core cast consists of Elizabeth Cameron playing the lead role of Katherine. Joining her are Charlie Allen-Wall (Adam), Gabrielle Pugliese (Ravyn), Richard Grove (Captain Heyman), Ingrid Moon (Commander Fulmer), Kim Genly (Admiral Yasuko) and Felicia Day (Amanda), whom I am honoured to have in the show.

I’d also like to mention Kim has been a big part of the project since the very beginning. Thankyou for all your support!

I hope you enjoy watching the series as I get to work on the second season.