Damien ValentineDirector, Writer, Voice Actor

Damien is the creative mind behind the series, taking responsibility for the initial concept, the writing and creation of the episodes themselves.

He began making animated films in 2002 with a Star Wars fanfilm before moving on to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired “Consanguinity”, a ten episode series that was extremely well received. From that point on, Damien knew he wanted to keep telling stories. He returned to Star Wars for the four part “Darkness Saga” and the highly popular “The Death of Jar Jar”.

Besides making films, Damien is a founding member of the Machinima Expo, a machinima film festival held every year since 2008 and he has also appeared in “The Guild”.

Kim Genly, voice of YasukoKim Genly Writer, Voice Actress, Webdesigner

Kim has been involved with the project since its very inception, and now plays a major role as the voice of Yasuko and co-writer of many of the episodes.

During the day, she works as a web designer and developer. As a matter of fact, you’re looking at her work; she created the current CoH website.

Her favorite project is the RP repository, a social network for role players and their characters.

Elizabeth CameronVoice Actress

Elizabeth is a Canadian voice actress and long time friend of the director, having appeared in many of his films, most notibly the Darkness Saga. In this series, she plays the lead role of Katherine McDonald as she struggles to uncover the conspiracy.

Richard GroveVoice Actor

Playing the role of Captain Heyman, Ricky brings his vast experience to the show, having appeared in “Army of Darkness”, “Babylon 5” and many more.

Another founder of the Machinima Expo, he is a long time and highly respected member of the machinima community.

Ingrid MoonVoice Actress

Ingrid has appeared in many of Damien’s films, with her favourite role being Mara Jade in the “Darkness Saga”.

In Chronicles, she plays Commander Fulmer, first officer aboard the Hellstorm.

Ingrid’s first novel, Handler’s Break has just been published.

Felicia DayVoice Actress

Special guest star of the show, Felicia Day is best known for her own webseries, “The Guild” and for her role in “Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog”.

Her second webseries is based on the world of Dragon Age and her character, Tallis, is featured in a DLC campaign for the second game of the series. More recently she has continued to demonstrate her passion for web video by launching her own YouTube channel Geek and Sundry, featuring six shows she has produced herself.

Photo by Emily Ibarra (ediphotoeye.com), courtesy of Felicia Day

Jemma LockeVoice Actress

Jemma joins the cast during season two as SBC News reporter Diane Anderson.

She has a degree in Performing Arts and is an avid sci-fi/fantasy and comic fan.
Jemma has been cosplaying consistently since 2009 and frequently attends UK conventions.

Dulci NayaVoice Actress

Dulci has been a prolific voiceactress and machinima artist since 2005.
She co-hosts a weekly internet radio show, The Wolf & Dulci Hour discusses the ins and outs of real-time animation software iClone in a fun and informative way, encouraging artists to think outside the box and push the envelope on the creative front. The podcast also showcases some of the talented movie makers in the animation community.

Jorge CamposVoice Actor

Also known to the community as Act3Scene24. Has been making machinima for years with a variety of engines, some his best known work is The Clarks and Little Pablo, which can be found on his YouTube channel.

Leanne MarshallVoice Actress

This is Leanne’s second project with the director, and first foray into voice acting. Able to perform a variety of accents, Leanne hopes to participate in more voice acting projects in her spare time outside of her Emergency Services day job.

Matt KellandVoice Actor

Matt is a writer, technology geek and film buff who’s been involved with the machinima scene for over ten years. He was one of the creators of Moviestorm.

Ian ChisholmVoice Actor

Ian Chisholm is the creator of the award-winning Clear Skies machinima series, serving as writer, director, voice actor, and generally crazy obsessive person, much like Damien. Since the series finished after six years of hard work, he has dialled it back a little and is sticking to just the writing aspect for now – although providing voice acting for other projects is always something he’s interested in. Ian plays the part of Brigadier Post, and enjoyed it very much because he got to shout at people.


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