Posted August 23, 2015


Thanks to the unexpected closure of Blip.TV, the web site we used to host our video content, our episodes are temporarily offline.

We’ll be changing to YouTube for video hosting and fortunately, we already have every episode uploaded, we just need to make some changes to this site’s code so we can link to them instead of our former host, Blip.TV.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much insight into what happened with Blip, the only reason we became aware of the problem when we were asked why the episodes weren’t working. So if you’re wanting to rewatch the episodes, head over to YouTube, we’ve got a playlist for each season and the links are right below.

Season One: Descent

Season Two: Uprising

Season Three: Renegades

Stay tuned for more updates, both with this situation and for something special we’ve got planned that will be revealed in a few weeks time.

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