Posted September 16, 2015


Thanks to the efforts of PIXELovely, the site has been updated and all of the episodes are back online, now through YouTube. You can also find the Season three blooper reel on the site as well.

Now for the big news, today we reveal the next chapter in the Chronicles of Humanity universe: Redemption! This is a three episode special to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the show and begins a few years after the third season.

It’s a very exciting project for me to be working on, with a special guest appearance by Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard himself, new software that makes the characters, the ships and the world I’ve created look better than ever before. and a chance to explore some of the backstory that has only been hinted at before.

“Six years after the war, Earth is still under quarantine, Admiral Yasuko hunts down the now fugitive Waresh and on the fringe of known space, settlements are disappearing…”

The anniversary is at the end of October and Redemption will be released to coincide with it.

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