Critical Acclaim


“I never watch space sci-fi, especially animated space sci-fi. As with most new things, I approached my task with a bit of trepidation, but no surprise to any who have watched Chronicles of Humanity, I was quickly hooked by the story.” – WebVee2nd November 2013

“This show has good acting and a lot of action.” – Free Movies Blog30th December 2012

“Chronicles of Humanity is a serious attempt at a space sci-fi series. Give it a try; it costs nothin’, and you get a little action and a smattering of Felicia Day voice acting. That’s a pretty good deal.” – RevolutionSF16th May 2011

“The Chronicles of Humanity does show promise and I will definitely look forward to future episodes to see how this one progresses.” – Axiom’s Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy6th May 2011

“If nothing else, it will inspire you to do great things with one computer yourself.” – Science Fiction and other ODDysseys29th April 2011

“It is my hope that, as reported, we see more of Chronicles done in Moviestorm.” – Cyber Hermit27th April 2011

“Come on; if the trailer didn’t make you squeak with excitement, and the voice cast didn’t make you want to either, I don’t know what will!” – Killian Wolfsinger25th April 2011

“And coolest of all, from my point of view, he did it with Moviestorm. When we started creating it, we said that one day, we wanted to see a Moviestorm movie in the cinema, and now it’s finally happening. Damien – thanks, and congratulations!” – Matt Kelland’s Blog15th April 2011

“The story has the kind of energy you expect from much higher budget space operas. This is worth a watch of machinima and sci-fi fans alike.” – 93 Studios29th August 2009


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