Posted April 19, 2016


Last week saw the release of the final episode in the Redemption storyline and a year of work for the show’s 10th anniversary.

As the show’s creator, I wanted to write something meaningful to mark the completion of this story but given how much this has been part of my life over the last 10 years, it’s hard to know exactly what to say. One thing I do find interesting though, looking back at the first video and to see how much the show has grown, 32 episodes later.

That’s a huge amount of work for one person to do and I’m still finding it hard to believe I did it.

The original plan was to tell a story over three seasons. However, as I worked on the third season, I realised there were some plot threads that needed their own story to be resolved properly. Thus, Redemption was born and as the date for the tenth anniversary approached, the time was right to make that happen. If you’ve not had a chance to watch them yet, you can find all three episodes here and at the bottom of this post.

Switching to new software (iClone 6) meant that not only does the show look better than ever but it was also possible to do things never before attempted. Characters with flowing hair and clothes, more detailed animation and in particular, the action sequence in episode three.

That was an exhausting piece of film to work on, with some of the shots taking days to animate but well worth the effort. I am very proud not only of these three episodes but of everything that came before too.


There were some complications during production. Midway through episode 2, a computer glitch deleted all of the footage rendered so far. It meant having to start again from scratch, delaying the episode significantly. After that, multiple copies of each rendered scene were made, it took up a huge amount of disk space but worth it incase the glitch happened again. Fortunately, it did not.

On a personal note, while I was working on Redemption, I heard the sad news that one of my childhood friends had passed away. While I hadn’t seen her in many years, I wanted to do something to remember her by and naming one of the new characters after her seemed very fitting. Claire.


I’d like to thank each and every person who has been involved with the show. Without all of you, it wouldn’t have been possible:

First I’d like to thank Kim Genly for encouraging me to get started, for editing the scripts, creating this website and let’s not forget her excellent performance as Admiral Yasuko.

Felicia Day and Mark Meer for their special guest appearances and Felicia for her advice on webseries and her support over the years.

Erik Ekholm for his music, which was a perfect fit for the series.

My talented cast of voice actors: Alyson Leeds, Amanda Reiner, Andrew Bugenis, Andrew Sanjanwala,  Charlie Jackson-Allen, Charlotte Humphries, Chloe Curtis, Dulci Naya, Elizabeth Anne Gmaz, Elizabeth Cameron, Elle Pugliese, Felicia Day, Fern Pankhurst, Holly Rose, Ian Chisholm, Ingrid Moon, James Cross, Jamie Addis, Janice Adamski, Jean-Francois Arseneau, Jemma Locke, John Lathem, Jorge Campos, Josh Rendell, Katie Alkire, Kim Genly, Leanne Marshall, Marilyn Valentine, Mark Meer, Matt Kelland, Matt Sias, Mauri Majanoja, Melanie Kiilstofte, Michelle Sakofsky, Per Kiilstofte, Phil Rice, Rebecca McCarthy, Richard Grove, Robert S Benjamin, Roman Banwell, Romily, Sanne Vallinga, Sarah Howison, Steph Klassen, Steph Latham, Steven Critcher, Tom Murray and Wolf

And most importantly, every single person who has watched the show, offered comments, advice or even simple things such as likes and sharing episodes. Thankyou!

CoHR_11 proper

The last ten years making this show have been a great experience. New friendships have been forged, new skills discovered, old skills improved. Being able to take the show to events around the world, inspiring others to be creative themselves. I am very lucky to have been able to all of that. If you’re reading this and you have an idea, I absolutely encourage you to do something with it, you never know where it could take you.

On that note, I’d like to mention two projects that Chronicles of Humanity cast members are involved with. Elizabeth Anne Gmaz has a starring role in The Arcane Wars while Holly Rose is getting ready to produce the second season of their own radio show, Ray Gunn and Starburst. Both are running IndieGoGo campaigns, look like great projects and could use your support. Check them out!

raygunnstarburst arcanewars

Is it the end for Chronicles of Humanity? At the moment yes. There is a blooper reel coming but the story has been told, the major plotlines have been resolved. While I do have a few ideas for more but they need time to develop and after working non stop on the show since 2012, a break is needed so I can come back to Chronicles with a fresh mind and give it the attention it deserves and give you the show you deserve.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Coded Transmission Studios Facebook page and website to see what comes next.

To the future!

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