Posted February 18, 2016


It might have taken a little longer than expected but episode two is here and it’s one of the longest episodes of the entire series.

Starting immediately after the first episode, we follow Admiral Yasuko as she embarks on a journey into unexplored space. Her mission: stop the new alien threat before it reaches Earth.

You can watch it below.


At the end of that journey, we are introduced to a being that required a certain kind of voice to really make it stand out and to give it the right gravitas for the scenes. So we were delighted when Mark Meer (Mass Effect, Tiny Plastic Men) agreed to lend his considerable talents in a special guest appearance. It is a privilege to have him join the cast and just to hear him in the show. He’ll be back in episode three as well, so keep watching.

In this episode, we are bringing together plot threads that have been placed in the show since the very first season. Some of these were planted very carefully to seem like background details, others were more obvious. It takes a new group of characters, three scientists, to properly explore these plot elements and it feels very rewarding to finally bring it all together after ten years of laying the foundations.


It’s also been very exciting to see how the new software is able to produce exotic locations for our characters to visit. While there have been various planets in the show before, iClone allows us to create stunning alien landscapes. Something we’ve never been able to do before Redemption.



Of course, creating this episode hasn’t been without it’s difficulties. Back in October, half of the episode’s footage was rendered and ready when it all disappeared. What happened to it still remains a mystery but it did mean that all of those scenes had to be created from scratch adding a significant delay to releasing episode 2 and 3. In addition to that, I had to undergo surgery (don’t worry, it wasn’t serious, just annoying and I’m fine now) in November, which kept me away from animating scenes while I recovered.

We got there in the end though and the end result it something far greater than originally planned.

There’s still one more episode to go in the Redemption storyline and as this is being written, production is well under way with 20% already rendered. Here’s a little teaser.


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