Kathrine MacDonald voiced by Elizabeth Cameron

A young but already well known journalist, Katherine is famous for reporting on stories all over Earth and getting to the heart of the story. As daughter of SBC’s CEO, she has a somewhat privileged position and on one of her first off world assignments, she was sent to report on Titan’s uprising.

When the colony was destroyed, she was the only survivor and became convinced the government was behind the atrocity.

Admiral Yasuko voiced by Kim Genly

Supreme commander of the Earth Navy, it is Yasuko’s job to defend the planet from every threat, a task she takes very seriously and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve.

Known to be ruthless but fiercly loyal to her homeworld, she is both feared and respected by the officers under her command and leads the fleet from her flagship, the newly commissioned Praetorian.

The Agent voiced by Damien Valentine

Very little is known about The Agent, other than he is spy and assassin employed by Yasuko. It is believed he shares many of her views on the security of Earth although no one has been able to verify this. His files are highly classified and no further information is available.

Captain Heyman voiced by Richard Grove

Captain of the ENF Hellstorm, he prefers to be chasing pirates and assisting civilian ships that run into trouble. His ship was selected to blockade Titan which lead Heyman to becoming one of the few officers to survive mankind’s first large scale space battle. Something he would prefer not to be remembered for.

When he’s off duty, he enjoys old scifi movies and maintains an extensive collection.

Commander Fulmer voiced by Ingrid Moon

Always a dreamer, Fulmer believes aliens exist even though humanity has found no evidence too support it. She signed up for the Navy as her best chance to get into space and encounter extra terrestrial life. Fulmer is also a member of Unity of Species, an organisation who constantly search for signs of alien life.

Her current assignment for the Navy is Executive Officer aboard the ENF Hellstorm.

Adam Halesberth voiced by Charlie Allen-Wall

Owner and pilot of the Nightingale, a small transport that serves as home for Adam and Ravyn, his wife. Wanting to get away from the overcrowded Earth, Adam jumped on the chance of buying his own ship and now makes a living running cargo between Earth and the colonies.

Ravyn Halesberth voiced by Gabrielle Pugliese

Spent most of her youth alone after her parents were murdered in a robbery. She met Adam just before he bought the Nightingale and went with him to get away from Earth, hoping the stars would help her find peace.

Amanda Wood voiced by Felicia Day

Best friend of Katherine MacDonald and they work together at SBC News. Amanda is a familiar face on Earth and the colonies, often serving as anchor on the evening news.